What Are The Most Essential Clothing Items You Cannot Live Without?

Let’s imagine that one morning you woke up and all your clothes were gone.  You went to bed having full wardrobe and something happened during the night.   Maybe wardrobe fairy came 🙂   And all your clothes just disappeared.   

The only clothes you had left was your pjs 🙂

Now you need to go and buy some clothes.  Unless you really want to walk around in your pjs.

And you do not have unlimited amount of money to completely replace your closet.   But just enough to buy few quality pieces that will dress you for the nearest future.

You identified that you have money for 7-8 good quality essential clothing items. 

Where would you start?   

How would you identify what you actually NEED?

This is a very good exercise to identify what clothes is really essential for you.   And fits your lifestyle.  And your styling preferences. 

And is comfortable.

Remember, you do not have money to wonder off to the usual thoughts like “this might look nice on me”, “this item is 80% – it would be insane not to get it”, “my friend has this piece, she looks awesome in it, I should buy it”, or “I really love this piece, I do not really know if I have anything to match it with, but let’s get it, I will figure it out later”. 

You need clothes NOW.   It will become the core of your closet.


  • Good quality casual pants
  • Basic T-shirt (white)
  • Good quality blazer
  • Leather loafers 
  • Medium size tote bag
  • Warm sweater
  • Straight leg high rise jeans
  • Good quality dress (that I can wear with the blazer, sweater and loafers)

Here!!!!     I created a functional capsule wardrobe that fits my lifestyle and feels comfortable.   

Let’s play this game.   In the comments below, write your essential clothing items that you need to provide you with a functional wardrobe.   

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