“I will buy a nice bikini for myself later when I lose weight and start looking like a model…….”

woman in a pyjama suite with her back

……..I told myself 2+ years ago.    It just happened that I finally threw out my old bikini in hopes of buying a new one for the next summer or vacation.   

Then a pandemic happened and then I gained weight.   

Despite all self-care practices and mindset meditations and what not I still felt uncomfortable looking at my jelly-belly-thighs-and-butt lol.   

So I decided not to swim for “this summer”.   But then a long heat wave hit our country and swimming became soooooooo desirable.   Almost life saving. 

You can see my temporary “bikini” in a carousel.  Don’t laugh….well, why not, laugh away.  It is funny.   

Here is the goal for the next month:  to buy a new bikini.   Right now for the body that I have RIGHT now.   

How many things have I put off for “later” because of   ____________  (fill the blank: I do not have enough money right now; I do not have a perfect body right now;  I am too busy right now; I think I can live without it right now……and the list goes on).

I know it is just a stupid bikini.   Nothing life changing.   Buying a bikini won’t momentarily help me to change my mindset (like “let’s take care of others first and then maybe I will have time to care for myself”) or help improve my self-care. 

But it is a tiny first step towards change.  Or a tiny brick in the base of what could become a huge brick foundation of something concrete.   

I cannot change everything I would like to change about myself right now.  But I can make a tiny change.  Very, very tiny.   Like buying a bikini (before Canadian winter – but this is another story lol)    🙂


What tiny brick of change you can add to your foundation RIGHT NOW?

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