Trends: how do they even come into our fashion, who decides what’s trendy and how long do the live for?

Picture of 2 girls in trendy clothes

We have new trends almost every season.  Some trends live for a very short time: 3-5 months; some trends live for 2-3 years; and some become a timeless part of our wardrobe (good example: little black dress).

So, who even come up with trends?

  1. Trend journey starts with designer, artists, celebrities and anyone who is somehow connected to fashion industry.   

Somebody comes with a bold idea, or a celebrity shows up on a red carpet in interesting (and sometimes brave) outfit.  

Runway collections are a very good examples of how trends are born.  Actually, if you watch seasonal runway you can guess what trends will be popular in the upcoming season; or which trends will stay from a previous season.

2. Then you will notice bloggers and influencers with huge following wearing some of trends from a podium.   However, if you are a person, who watched runway and like presented colour combination, or silhouettes and you were one of the first people who incorporated those innovation into your wardrobe – you could also be called a trendsetter.   

It is kind of a bold move, because nobody else is wearing this.   People are not used to this new trend, and they might consider it at first to be tasteless, or crazy or simply stupid 🙂

At this point it is hard to buy a trendy piece and it is still very exclusive.

3.   But then people notice more and more other people wearing this “crazy” trend.   People would look at it closer, they would get used to it and at the end this “crazy” trend would not look that crazy.   It might actually look quite interesting.   

Many personal stylist, or other “not so famous” fashion bloggers will start incorporating this trend in their wardrobe.   

At this point more stores/companies sell trendy pieces, but it is still hard to find them and prices are quite high. 

4.   Trend goes onto mass-market.  More and more people buy it and like it (for example, ripped jeans few years ago.  I hated this trend at first, but I finally gave in and bought myself a pair lol).

Trend is sold everywhere.  You can buy trend in expensive version, or a cheap version. 

And this is when trend starts dying out. 

5.   The rest of the population, the most hesitant individuals (like I was with ripped jeans) give in and buy a trendy piece.  

clothes on hangers in the store

At this point  innovative designers and celebrities came up with something new and trendsetters started showing up wearing new “crazy” trends. 

And at this point the hesitant population who finally gave in into previous trend is wearing outdated pieces lol.

Of course, not all trends follow the exact path that I described above.

Some of them never make it to mass market and die off at point 3. Why? Nobody knows for sure.

Maybe a trend was too “crazy”. Or maybe it was too uncomfortable. Or maybe people just did not like it for whatever reasons.

Or maybe another cool trend came in and just overpowered the previous one.

Also, as I mentioned before, some trends become timeless fashion (like loafers, oxfords and pants for women).

Who here is a trendsetter (not me lol, not brave enough yet)

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