Instagram – Should It Be About The Perfect Life or Real Life?

In some cases therapists ask their clients to stay away from Instagram.  They find their clients to become more depressed/anxious/lacking confidence after following “the perfect people with their perfect lives, children, spouses etc”.

I heard a few Instagram gurus saying that you should not post real life pictures on insta or should you talk about any real-life challenges (aka your daily issues/problems/struggles etc).   Because, according to gurus, people are tired of everyday’s problems and they come to social media to relax and watch a perfect life. 

Do you think this is true?  

To me perfect accounts where everything is peachy with loads of rainbows are boring.   Because they are not realistic.  No one is perfect, so when I see rainbows and glitter I feel as if I’ve been lied to. 

I’d rather follow people who are down to earth, who are real (and their lives are real).  I love watching how people deal with their challenges, I love learning from them.  When I see that someone overcame the challenge, I feel that I am also able to find an answer to my own issues and problems.   

Do people really want to follow someone’s perfect life?  Or would you rather follow “down to earth” person?

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